July 29, 2012
Planning Update!

Good day EPIC fans!

We hope you're enjoying your summer so far! Here in Southern Ontario we've been having some great weather and are really enjoying it!

Last week we released an update about some changes that we made and how our plans are progressing; we also mentioned there'd be more updates this week!
The week has flown by, but we did get some important work done. We took a look at planning our route street-by-street and throughout this week we'll work on the first leg of the trip (Vancouver, BC to Calgary, AB). On Tuesday, Ben met on Skype with a contact from Ratanak to talk about fundraising and how to effectively meet our donation goals. This week, Ben, Luke and Evan will be meeting with another key supporter to talk about promotion and marketing of our trip. Check in next week to see how that went!
We'd like to mention right now that if you'd like to help us out with promotion, fundraising, or anything else, you can Contact Us.

That's about all we have to share this week, but before we sign out, we should mention the Olympics! Make sure you're supporting Team Canada, and the proud Canadian athletes, especially gymnast Dominique Pegg! :)

We'll have more news for you next week!

Keeping it EPIC,

The EPIC Riders Team