About - FAQs

- What was EPIC?
EPIC was a bicycling team that rode coast-to-coast across Canada in the summer of 2013 raising awareness and funds for the non-profit organization, Ratanak International.

- What is the history of EPIC? I have heard some confusing stories and/or I was an early supporter; where is EPIC now, and what's happened since the beginning?
For these questions, please refer to the About - EPIC Riders page of our website.

- Who went on the Ride?
EPIC was a four-person team consisting of Benjamin Looby (EPIC Team Leader/Support Van Driver), David Lewis (EPIC Rider/Ride Manager), Luke Lewis (EPIC Rider/Team Medic), and Evan Redka (EPIC Rider/Team Encourager).

- Why did you choose to do this trip?
The EPIC Riders team was made up of young men who enjoyed cycling and were passionate about sharing the love of Jesus Christ with others, and wanted to help other people. We believed that if we were good at something-like cycling-and we could use that to help people, then why shouldn't we? We were all committed to helping Ratanak with the work they are doing in Cambodia, and did what we could to help.

- What were your goals?
Our goals were to bring a greater level of awareness to what the the non-profit organization known as Ratanak International is doing in Cambodia, and to raise awareness on the issue of human/sex trafficking. We also had a goal of raising $25,000 for Ratanak's work in Cambodia, and ended our 2013 campaign with $38,905.51!

- What is Ratanak International?
From Ratanak's website, "Ratanak International is a Christ-centered organization committed to serving the people of Cambodia by being an agent of change in Cambodia's social, economic, and spiritual landscape." Ref: About: Vision & Values.

- Why Ratanak International?
The members of EPIC were all passionate about sharing the love of Jesus with people around the world, and were also passionate about helping to alleviate suffering and educate and train people to be self-sustaining. This is something Ratanak has been doing for years, and so that's why we worked with them.

- How far did you travel?
We travelled from Vancouver, British Columbia across Canada to North Sydney, Nova Scotia. From there we took a ferry to Port-Aux-Basques, Newfoundland and drove across the island to St. John's; Luke rode from about 100 km away from St. John's, into the city. We drove over 17,000 km and cycled 6,396 km. Check out our Route Map to see our exact route.

- Where did you stay?
We were quite blessed to, quite often, stay with friends, friends of friends, or family; and we also called churches in a few places, camped, and used the website warmshowers.org.

- What was your average distance per day and what is the average speed you rode at? What are the longest and shortest distances you did in a day?
The average distance per day was about 150 km. The average speed was about 25 km/h. Near the beginning of the trip, it was 20-25 km/h, and near the end of the trip, it was often 25-30 km/h. The longest and shortest rides were 255 km, and 65 km, respectively.

- How did you carry your equipment and clothes? Did you have a support or pace vehicle going along with you throughout the trip?
We went supported, and that meant the cyclists rode with just the bare essentials... a few tools, water, snacks; while the rest of our gear was in our support van.

- If I had given you a donation, how much of it went towards Ratanak International, and how much went towards funding your trip?
Our donation plans were simple. If you wished to donate to Ratanak, 100% of your donation went to Ratanak. They accept donations online, as well as by cheque or cash. For more details on donating, visit our Donate page.
As far as our trip budget went, we had companies sponsor us at different levels, and also received some gifts from family and friends. We ended up having a lot of funds leftover at the end of the trip, and so we sent those funds to Ratanak.
Donations to Ratanak under the EPIC campaign ended on December 31, 2013.

- Was my donation tax receiptable?
Yes, donations to Ratanak are tax receiptable. Ratanak is a Canadian Registered Charity (#894452796RR0001), and does provide tax receipts. They are also registered in the US and the UK. Visit the Ratanak Donation page for more information.