EPIC rode across Canada in 2013 in support of Ratanak International. While we worked to raise awareness of what Ratanak is doing in Cambodia, we also worked to raise money for their General (Where Most Needed) Fund, and had a fundraising goal of $25,000. In early September 2013, we passed that goal, and ended our fundraising on December 31, 2013 with $38,905.51!


Donations to Ratanak under the 'EPIC Riders Cross Canada Bike Fundraiser (General WMN Fund)' campaign ended on December 31, 2013, but we encourage you continue to support Ratanak, under another category. To donate to Ratanak, you can give online through their website

You can also give to Ratanak via cheque or cash:
Cheques should be made out to Ratanak Canada, and can be mailed to Ratanak's office in Vancouver, BC.
Address: Ratanak International
                 Box 81038
                 Burnaby, BC V5H 4K1


The EPIC Ride was no small undertaking and for it we needed to have funds set aside for various expenses. These included food, gas, camping costs, and van expenses. To help prepare for the trip, we set up a budget, and to meet this we approached many businesses in 2013 for sponsorship. To see a complete listing of our sponsors, and other companies who have supported us in various ways, Click Here.