November 20, 2012
Update & #DidYouKnow? recap

Greetings EPIC fans!

Well, it's been a while since we last posted here. The summer was fairly busy for us all, but in our August 8 post, we mentioned that Dave would be home for a couple weeks and that we'd have some meetings together, and we did. We had a dinner and the first of our bi-weekly meetings at the Looby's, then the week after, we had a team ride, from which we produced this rough promo vid; and the week after that, we met at the Lewis' with all our families for a night of dinner and discussion.

Through the fall, we've a had a few more meetings and done some other work, and have done filming on a few separate days for a promo video that is being made for us. This video should be all finished in a few weeks, and we're really excited to share it with you all!

While we may not have updated this website very much over the past few months, we have kept our Twitter and Facebook posts going. In fact, during October we did 21 days of combined Twitter/Facebook posts with the topic, 'Did You Know?'. We ran this campaign to help share key bits of info with you about EPIC and Ratanak. We created 21 of these #DidYouKnow? posts and shared one each day.

But now that we're finished with that campaign, we decided it would be good to summarize these posts here, on our website, so that you can see them all at the same time, and if you haven't seen all of them, you won't have to go hunting for ones you missed.

#DidYouKnow? Day-by-day list of posts;

October 7-27, 2012

#1 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC is doing a cycling tour across Canada in the summer of 2013 for Ratanak International. Check out

#2 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC is comprised of 5 guys: Ben Looby, Dave Lewis, Evan Redka, Luke Lewis, and Tyler Thornton.

#3 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC is planning to cycle 6,100km during our 70-day trip. Our Riders will be going from Vancouver, BC to Halifax, NS.
*Correction: We have enough time in our trip to get out to St. John's, Newfoundland, and have added it to the trip. We will drive back to Halifax, NS from St. John's to end the cross-Canada portion of our trip. Our trip distance is now approx. 6,500km.

#4 - #DidYouKnow? - We expect to drive our support van about 17,000km during our trip. We need a van, however. Any help w/this is appreciated.
*Correction: It's more likely to be 18,000km now, with the Nfld. extension added.

#5 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC is raising $25,000 for Ratanak International. With a trip distance of 6,100km, that's only $4.09/km! Will you sponsor EPIC?
*Correction: $25,000/*6,500km = $3.87/km

#6 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC will be riding an average 130km/day for 47 days of the 70-day trip! Rest days and time out and back make up the rest.
*Correction: 48 days riding approx., 135km/day.

#7 - #DidYouKnow? - Ride For Refuge (R4R) participants & sponsors raised over $102,000 for Ratanak International this year! Pretty awesome!
*Correction: As a result of R4R, they've raised almost $111,000! R4R Website

#8 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC Rider Luke Lewis' favourite colour is green!

#9 - #DidYouKnow? - Ratanak International has been working in Cambodia for 20+ years, helping with medical relief, education, and now human trafficking.

#10 - #DidYouKnow? - Ratanak's home base is in Vancouver, BC. We will be kicking off our trip from there in about 36 weeks!
*Correction: 36 weeks at the time of that post. 31 weeks once this post gets onto the website!

#11 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC Riders Luke Lewis and Evan Redka will be finishing highschool just days before we leave on our trip!

#12 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC Rider Evan Redka's favourite colour is blue!

#13 - #DidYouKnow? - The EPIC Riders are contemplating adding St. John's, Nfld, to our route!
*Correction: As stated above, we have done so.

#14 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC Rider Evan Redka missed almost the whole summer riding season after two surgeries on his clavicle, which he broke biking!

#15 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC is meeting right now to do the filming for our upcoming promo vid! More details to come! (Oct 21)

#16 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC Team Leader Ben Looby's favourite colour is red!

#17 - #DidYouKnow? - Since it is October 23rd today, there are only 8 calendar months until we leave for the EPIC Ride!

#18 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC stands for Expolited People In Cambodia. That's who we're helping, why we're doing this Ride.

#19 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC Rider Dave Lewis' favourite colour is red!

#20 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC Rider Tyler Thornton's favourite colour is turquoise!

#21 - #DidYouKnow? - EPIC will be leaving Cambridge to drive out West for our cross-Canada trip on June 23rd, just 34 weeks from now!
*Correction: Again, 34 weeks at the time of that post. 31 weeks once this post gets onto the website!

We hope this has been informative and helpful for all of you.

Keep your eyes on our Twitter/FB/website over the next several weeks as we will be finishing up a few things, including some more route details, website updates, sponsorship and fundraising materials, and our exciting promo vid!

Thanks for your support!

Keeping it EPIC,
Ben, Dave, Luke, Evan, and Tyler