Trip Details

So hopefully by now, you've read enough about us to know that we're a cycling team that rode across Canada in the summer of 2013. Many of our friends and family had questions about us and our trip, so we thought that those who hadn't heard from us, and those who would have only ever seen us online should get all their questions answered here on our website. Some of those answers are in our FAQs page, but other information can be found below...

When we were planning this trip, we realized a few things. One was that this was not an easy undertaking, riding across Canada. There were a lot of logistics involved in a trip like this, from food and sleeping arrangements, to fundraising, to packing the proper gear for various situations and making sure we actually had all the gear we need.

When it came to food, we basically just ate a lot...more, and followed it up with...more food. Seriously though. We didn't follow any kind of strict diet; but we did eat a lot of certain things. Most mornings we had eggs, toast, bacon and juice; while during the day we ate fruit, sandwiches, granola bars and drank water and gatorade. Dinners were a variety of things, because we stayed at a lot of people's houses or churches, so we ate everything from spaghetti, to corn on the cob and burgers, to steaks, potatoes, and veggies. We often had dessert to finish off our dinners too.

For our accommodations, we quite often stayed with friends, friends of friends, or family; called churches in a few places, camped, and used the website

For our equipment, we made detailed lists of what exactly we'd need, and then borrowed or bought what we needed. To carry our equipment, we had a Support Van for this trip, so the Riders didn't have to carry very much and so that they had on-the-road support and supplies available at any time. Thanks to Dave & Luke's parents, Murray & Katie Lewis, for letting us borrow their Dodge Caravan for the trip. We ended up putting about 17,000 km on it!

To meet our fundraising goal of $25,000, we asked our supporters (friends, family, and anyone we met along the way) to Donate to Ratanak International. We raised over $12,000 before we left home, collected a bunch of donations along the way, and had a lot of our own funds leftover. In the end, we raised $38,905.51, which is amazing! Praise God for how He worked through our efforts and through the generosity of all of our supporters! Thank you!