April 3, 2013
Spring Update!

It might be more like winter outside today, but Spring is upon us, and we'll see more evidence of that in the next few weeks.
It's been a while since we've posted any updates, but over the past few months we've been focusing on getting our Sponsorship campaign rolling and getting some Corporate Sponsors for the EPIC Ride. Our budget has been estimated at $16,000 and so we've come up with several Sponsor levels worth different amounts, each with their own advertising option. Right now, we have reached a total sponsorship level of $7,500.
We're excited to announce that our biggest sponsorship level has been purchased by Mark and Michelle from Tim Hortons/Cold Stone in Cambridge, at the cost of $3,500! We're so happy to have them on board with us to help make the Ride possible, and to help Ratanak continue their amazing work in Cambodia. Our other sponsors are Hammond Plumbing & Heating Inc., Sterwyn Ltd., Fliet Electric, and KW4Rent! We're very grateful to all of our sponsors for their help so far, and coming in May, our website will be fully updated to recognize the contribution of all of our Sponsors!

As far as fundraising is going, we're planning a few events that will take place during May and June, to help us meet our $25,000 goal for Ratanak, so stay tuned for details on those.

One really big thing that has come along in the past week for EPIC is our support van. Last week, Mr & Mrs. Lewis (Dave and Luke's parents) told us that they wanted us to use their minivan for the trip. This is a huge blessing and relief for us, as we now have one of our major tasks completed, and we thank God for His help in this, and the Lewis family for their sacrifice to help this trip go smoothly.

In May, our Team Leader Ben Looby will be done school for the year, so he'll be going full-speed on the various planning and logistical tasks we have lined up. These include a full route map, meal plans, and the acquisition of gear for the Ride.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as the weeks pass! Only 81 days until the EPIC Ride!

EPIC Riders! (Ben, Dave, Luke, Evan & Tyler)

p.s. We released our promo video back in late January, so if you haven't seen it yet, just go to the Home Page of our website!