January 4, 2013
A Look Back at 2012...

As a new year begins, we in the EPIC Team would like to take a moment to look back at 2012 and see some of what has happened in the life of the EPIC Riders.

January 2nd, 2012:
We welcomed Luke Lewis and Evan Redka to the EPIC Riders Team as Riders.

February 3rd, 2012:
We reached 150 fans on our Facebook Page!

February 29th, 2012:
We relaunched our website, giving it a complete information refresh and a new design!

July 22nd, 2012:
EPIC Riders supports Ratanak International. Read about this change and some other small changes we made in the summer.

August 23rd, 2012:
The EPIC Riders take a short ride together and create a video from that day's trip. At about that point in the summer was when we added Tyler Thornton to the EPIC team, as an EPIC Rider and Team Mechanic.

September 29th, 2012:
The EPIC Riders participate in the 9th annual Ride For Refuge, raising several hundred dollars for Ratanak International!

October 7th-November 11th, 2012:
The EPIC Team spends some time with Brian Mullins, filming our promo video

December 30th, 2012:
First-ever team meeting with all 5 of the EPIC Riders in-person! It was a great meeting, to be sure!